This blend is deeply rooted in Sufi tradition and emulates the unique flavor of the Mourides Brotherhood from the Holy City of Touba, Senegal. Touba was founded under a great tree by their spiritual leader, Cheikh Amadou Bamba. Touba is their word for bliss and is also the name of the Tree of Paradise. Amadou Bamba introduced the mixture of coffee, pepper, and clove to his followers in Touba as a daily medicinal remedy and to aid devotees in staying awake during the many prayer recitations. The tradition remains an important part of life, with many thousands of cups passed throughout the city each day. Believers in the ethics of hard work, the Baye Fall carry out the spiritual and physical work for the benefit of
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their community. The combination of Organic African Coffee, Organic African Black Pepper and Organic Clove produces a coffee as exotic and fearless as the Baye Fall
themselves. Decaffeinated is available upon request.