Our Tikal Blend is an ancient Maya recipe that combines Certified Organic Mexican Coffee with Certified Organic Cacao, Certified Organic Cayenne Pepper, Certified Organic Dry Honey, and hints of  Vanilla. The coffee is Fair Trade and grown on small farm collectives in the High Sierra Madre Mountains of Chiapas. Coffees from this region are sought after for their medium-bodied, natural chocolate flavor and pleasant bright tones with delicate aroma. The sweet smooth flavor combined with a soulful kick of Cayenne Pepper makes our Tikal Blend a truly divine cup. This blend is only available in
French press grind. Decaffeinated
is available upon request.
2 oz. 1 lb. 5 lb.
$3.50 $18.50 $85.00

A French Press is recommended for brewing this coffee, no filters or brewers.