Throughout the Arab world, Cardamom is one of the most popular spices, with Cardamom coffee being the symbol of hospitality and prestige. It has a grapefruit-like, floral flavor containing green/woody notes along with a menthol undertone. Cardamom is high in a chemical known as cineole, and has been identified as helpful in fighting a nervous stomach and relaxing digestion. It also leaves the breath fresh and gums healthy. Cardamom is an addition to our ABYSSINIAN BLEND, AL AQABAH BLEND, and TURKISH BLEND.
One of the first known spices, mentioned in one of the earliest books on Chinese botanical medicine dated 2,700 BCE. Its fragrance was believed to be sacred by the Romans and was one of the first spices sought in the 15th Century European explorations. Cinnamon is the dried inner bark of various evergreen trees. At harvest, the bark is stripped off and put in the sun, where it curls into the familiar form called "quills". Characteristically woody, musty and earthy in flavor and aroma, cinnamon is warming to the taste. This spice has a long medicinal history as well. It contains the anti-clotting agent (cinnamic aldehyde) and is also an "anti-inflammatory". In addition Cinnamon is an excellent source of manganese, dietary fiber, iron, and calcium. Cinnamon is included in our ABYSSINIAN BLEND, and MESOAMERICAN BLEND.